YouTube Explore Tab will Help You to Discover More Video

YouTube always do experiments with new features, including GIF-like video previews and auto-generated thumbnails. The company is now testing a new Explore tab for iOS YouTube app. YouTube Explore tab will roll out to some iPhone users over the next few weeks.

YouTube Explore Tab is in Testing Phase

The new Explore tab is designed to help you to discover different topics, videos, and channels that you might not otherwise encounter, but they are still personalized and based on your viewing activity. For example, if you have been watching more videos about telescopes, in Explore you might see videos about high-end cameras.

For now the new Explore tab will only show in the iPhone app, but not everyone will be able to test it. According to YouTube, only 1% of iPhone users will get the new Explore tab to test. They will be able to access the Trending section via a shortcut on the Explore tab.

YouTube is continuously doing new experiments for the entertainment of the people. It has now 1.9 billion monthly active users who are using this app. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, has revealed this information in a blog post, who claimed that streaming through TVs were also a major source of viewing video content. The company claimed that the overall interactions of the social site, such as likes, comments and chats, grew by more than 60 per cent year over year.

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