YouTube Reaches 1.9 Billion Monthly Active Users

YouTube has now 1.9 billion monthly active users who are using this app. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, has revealed this information in a blog post, who claimed that streamings through TVs were also a major source of viewing video content. She said that users across the world watch YouTube via TV screens for more than 180 million hours daily.

YouTube has Now 1.9 Billion Monthly Active Users

The company claimed that the overall interactions of the social site, such as likes, comments and chats, grew by more than 60 per cent year over year. Among other reasons, YouTube gives credit to Twitter. In addition, the company also announced that thanks to advertisers and content creators from around the world.

The YouTube CEO said.

“We worked with a small group of creators to develop this service and are expanding it to eligible channels with more than 100,000 subscribers and even more creators in the coming months”

Google India has reported that as penetration of smartphones has increased and data becomes more affordable, so as a result of that 80 per cent of internet users across all age-groups in the country are accessing YouTube. Moreover, monthly user base of YouTube has touched 225 million in India.

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