5 gaming related websites every PC gamer should know

With so many gaming related websites on the internet, determining which ones are the most useful and trustworthy is a difficult process. Do you want to discover some of the greatest websites that every PC gamer should bookmark?


For a long time, MetaCritic was the go-to site for many individuals looking for game reviews. In addition to gaming, they gather movie, TV program, and music reviews.

The site calculates an overall “metascore” using aggregated reviews from various critics, as well as an overall “user score” from ratings and reviews given by registered Metacritic users. This manner, you may quickly get a sense of how well a certain game is accepted by both critics and customers.



Whatever you’re searching for, HowLongToBeat is a fantastic website to get an estimate of how long a game will run. This website collects game duration contributions from community members and then utilises that information to generate an estimate. That seems like it may be ripe for mischief, but it’s really very true.

Let’s assume you want to buy Death’s Door, but you’re not sure if it’s lengthy enough to justify the price tag. According to the listing from HowLongToBeat’s normal search results, the main plot takes around 7.5 hours, the Main + Extra content (side quests, extra prizes, and so on) takes about 10 hours, and if you try to accomplish all that the game has to offer, it takes about 15 hours.

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Steam has long been the leader in digital games and a wonderful location to build up your gaming collection with regular promotions. It is uncommon to find a PC gamer who doesn’t have an account to help you remain connected with your other gaming pals, pursue milestones, and log your gaming hours.

Steam has lately extended its offering to include improved suggestions and user reviews, making it much more than just a place to buy digital games.

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Games Finder

Finding new games that appeal to your interests is usually a challenging process, which is where Games Finder comes in. Unlike other recommendation websites, Games Finder compiles list using a combination of an editorial team and user voting to provide extremely accurate suggestions.

With a continuously increasing database and an outstanding following, this is a website that only improves with age. The 150+ selected lists cater to all interests, with lists ranging from Minecraft equivalents to games like The Sims.


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Games Radar

Games Radar + is one of the best gaming related websites for games, movies, and TV that helps you make the most of your money, talent, and time. The website’s blend of news, reviews, stories, tips, buying guides, and videos seeks to enlighten, entertain, and inspire.


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