10 Best, Offline, Single-Player Computer Games Of All Time

Multiplayer online computer games maybe in trend today but some classic single-player offline games will always remain at the top of the list. Here are 10 offline, single-player, computer games that you will surely love to play. It is not only the charm of upgrades and crisp in these games but also the deep storylines they follow that attract the players to play them.

1.Prince Of Persia

5 Best Single Player Computer Games Of All Time

A spoiled prince stuck between two worlds with a beautiful princess he is not soo fond of, to stop the evil powers from spreading and engulfing the worlds of both. The journey of a warrior guided and supported by magical powers to stop the evil forces. A wonderful game indeed.


2. Assassin’s Creed

5 Best Single Player Computer Games Of All Time

Warriors of humanity on a hunt of evil forces to stop them from finding what they guard and keep hidden in order to protect the world from its curse. Assassin’s Creed is to live an assassin’s life- take cover and kill the enemy!


3. Resident Evil

5 Best Single Player Computer Games Of All Time

When it comes to horror storyline games Resident Evil is one of the best to go for. A place full of zombies and a soul to fight against them. Get your guns loaded and your heart leashed to play resident evil as God knows what the next closed door may hide. Best offline computer game to play.

4. Dead Island

5 Best Single Player Computer Games Of All Time

There is nothing worst than a vacation gone wrong. A haunted Island gets attacked by zombies and the only survivors have to fight and find their way back.  Kill whoever and whatever seems suspicious or else they will definitely kill you! Best single-player computer game to play.

5. Tomb Raider

5 Best Single Player Computer Games Of All Time

Tomb Raider is a fight for survival from a vogue gone wrong. A haunted island with terrorists and magical powers on the guard. Whoever gets here never returns back. But Tomb raider with her team is determined to fight and never give up. A thrilling journey of using weapons, upgrading them and finding your survival for the day. The best PC game of all times!

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6.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

PC: pinterest

An endless voyage to start with. The Elder Scrolls V is an offline, single-player, first-person shooter game that is designed with utmost precision to give you an experience you won’t ever forget. It has beautiful landscapes, challenging and exciting quests varying over time making it boundaryless and variety of enemies. Best offline computer game to play in 2020.


PC: sirus gaming

A single-player campaign and a POV shooter game that is going to give you burns as it is situated at the planet Mars. The game is a product of the game developer Doom and is one of their best creations. It consists of fast-paced combat combined with challenging enemies to fight. If you know to use your abilities well you can surely set things right! Best shooter game on PC.

8. Dark Souls III

PC: greenman gaming

Games Developer FromSoftware never fails to surprise us. However, Dark Souls III is surely not for the light-hearted, rather it is specially designed for pro-gamers in order to let them experience the thrill and excitement of a challenge. It a slightly fast-paced game but the Boss fights are going to give you a tough time. If you have the guts then do go for it! One of the most challenging PC game.

9. Portal

PC: freecodecamp.org

The Valve Corporation, creators of The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and several such masterpieces. Portal is such a creation by the Valve Corporation, although it now has a second part named as Portal 2 but as far as my choice is concerned I find the first part more catchy and absorbing as per its story-line. The game revolves around the idea of a series of puzzles while being directed by GLaDOS, an advanced Artificial Intelligence.

10. BioShock: The Collection

PC: plati

Bioshock as a gaming franchise never fails us. It produces exceptional games that have a twisted, engulfing story-line and closely monitored game mechanics to keep the players thrilled by every move. The Bioshock Infinite is the best offline, single-player PC game to play in 2020!


These were all the games I played 100 times and loved them over and over again. Hope that you like them too!

Aiza Riaz Butt

I am a proud Pakistani and an ambitious student who is determined to become a socio-religious revolutionist in the long-run. My relation with the world of technology is not only interest-based but it is our family business and that gives me a double affiliation with it. Hope my words provide you with blessed knowledge. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries.
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