Microsoft Xbox Live Streaming suffered outrage; thankfully fixed now

Microsoft later fixed the issue that lasted for several hours late on Sunday..

Microsoft Xbox Live users were unable to start cloud games, play digital games, or make purchases from the shop due to the outage.

Microsoft eventually resolved the issue, which had lasted several hours late Sunday.

When it comes to purchasing and launching games, as well as Cloud Gaming sessions, players may notice an improvement. Full resolution is currently being worked on. If the problems persist, try resetting your console “In a tweet, Microsoft Xbox support stated.

When it comes to purchasing, launching games, and joining Cloud Gaming sessions, players should no longer have any complications. Thank you for your patience. “Have fun gaming!

Furthermore, some gamers were reported to be unable to access streaming apps such as Disney Plus and Netflix on the same day.

Some customers also claimed that the Xbox asked them to login in before they could play their own games. It has been estimated for years that over 10 million individuals have broadcast games on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Many of Microsoft Xbox live streaming popular games, like Flight Simulator, are now available for the first time on phones, tablets, and low-spec PCs.

This year, Microsoft plans to launch an Xbox Game Pass family plan. For $9.99 per month, the company presently offers Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.

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