Nintendo ‘Bluetooth Audio’ feature is finally rolling out

It seems like it’s been 84 years (per the Titanic image), however in its latest update, Nintendo ‘Bluetooth Audio’ has been introduced which was long due.

Nintendo posted a tweet, adding that the update incorporates the capacity to use Bluetooth for audio for output only, not input. So you can think carefully to play Pokémon games, yet you can’t utilize a mic for voice chat.

Both the standard Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite are upheld, and apparently the impending Switch OLED also – despite the fact that there’s no unequivocal affirmation of that yet. The tweet likewise alludes to ‘limitations on certain features‘ while using Nintendo ‘Bluetooth audio’, and directs to the support page for additional inquires.


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You can just attach your Switch with two controllers without a moment’s delay while utilizing Bluetooth sound. So, you’ll need to disengage your gadget assuming you need to get into wild eight-player fights with your pals. And keeping in mind that up to 10 Bluetooth gadgets can be saved on the system. Likewise, you can’t use wireless earphones or headphones when you play wireless multiplayer games — Switch would consequently cut your connection.

Wireless sound has been prominently absent from the Switch since it originally released. Throughout that time, a few producers introduced accessories to additionally help wireless sound gadgets, while a previous update likewise added support for USB earphones. This update, be that as it may, will at last make it much simpler to go remote, thinking of it as will permit you to interface the Bluetooth headphone you use with all your different devices.

The change comes as a part of Version 13.0.0, which gives more detail on how you can utilize Bluetooth. The changelog, which you can peruse in full on Nintendo’s site, noticed that up to two viable wireless controllers can be operated in case you’re additionally utilizing Bluetooth earphones.

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