OnePlus 9, 9 Pro Tax/Customs Duty in Pakistan

Calculating Mobile Tax for OnePlus 9 series

OnePlus 9 Tax Payable: PKR 31520(On Passport)

OnePlus 9 Tax Payable: PKR 40500 (On ID Card)

OnePlus 9 Pro Tax Payable: PKR 31520(On Passport)

OnePlus 9 Pro Tax Payable: PKR 40500 (On ID Card)

The above listed is the import duty for the new OnePlus 9 series on both an ID card and passport.

Disclaimer: Taxes are approximate and may vary from 5-10%, not more.

Want to know the import duties on other smartphones / mobile phones?

OnePlus 9 series is an exquisite range of smartphones with super specifications. It is the latest series from the OnePlus with all the modern features and Oxygen OS. OnePlus 9 series customs duty or mobile tax is mentioned above to let you know the precise cost which will be incurred upon you on importing any smartphone of this series to Pakistan.

Point to remember:

One thing you must remember is that the deadline for the payment of tax is 60 days, and afterward your phone would be blocked by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

And luckily, now you can dial *8484# or visit PTA Dirbs Portal to know about the tax amount that can easily be paid in any “Telecom Franchise (Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Zong)” near you.

Here’s the link to PTA Dirbs Portal, if you need more info.

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