Google Photos Gets a New Upgrade Video Editing Features

Google Photos seems to have a new video editing feature that will include more than 30 tools to enhance video for Android. In addition, Google expands some photo editing tools which were previously exclusive to Pixel phones those who are Google One subscribers.

The new video editor would allow users to edit, change focus and add filters. Furthermore, include trimming, stabilizing, and flipping images. Apple’s iOS also provides some of these features in its default Photos app. Users of Google Photos can also be able to create granular edits including light, contrast, shading, and warmth. The company said that the latest video editing functions are currently available for iOS users and that will be enabled for Android users in the coming weeks.

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Google Photos Gets a New Upgrade Video Editing Features

Google also offers some picture editing tools to other non-pixel users in addition to the video editor upgrade, including portrait blur, portrait light, and color pop. However, these image editing features can be used only by those who have Google One membership.

Google Photos

You have to buy the Google One subscription if you want to explore new features. The subscription enables users to use the mentioned features and 100GB of cloud storage, which can be shared with others. The plan allows users to add up to five additional members.

“Google One members will also have access to new learning effects from the app. Think of these as ultrafilters, useable only with one tap to apply complex edits,” Google said.

Google One members will be able to use the new photo editing upgrade features within the next few days through the latest Google Photos app. Initially,  it will be available on Android smartphones. Google didn’t make it clear that   When iOS users are going to use new photo editing tools.

Google Photos

The company said that a device with at least 3GB RAM and Android 8 Oreo or higher would be able to test new features. The latest development comes just months after an update by Google to changed the policy to provide free and unrestricted storage for Google Photos, from 1st June 2021, that would be effective.

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