Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ Tax/Customs Duty in Pakistan

Importing Galaxy A6 and A6+ Duty Approximate Rates

Samsung Galaxy A6 Tax Payable:

PKR 6180 (On Passport)
PKR 8000 (On ID Card)

Samsung Galaxy A6+ Tax Payable:

PKR 6180 (On Passport)
PKR 8000 (On ID Card)

Galaxy A6 and A6+ tax/custom duty that needs to be paid at the customs office or at the customs kiosk at the Airport if you are importing it to Pakistan.

Disclaimer: Taxes are approximate and may vary from 5-10%, not more.

Want to know the import duties on other smartphones / mobile phones?

Galaxy A6 and A6+ exact customs duty are mentioned above to help you know the exact cost that you’d be incurring for importing the smartphone to Pakistan. As you’d have to pay this particular custom duty amount or you won’t be allowed to walk away with your particular mobile device.

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