Apple iPhone 11/ Pro and 11 Pro Max Tax or Customs Duty in Pakistan

Import Tax for Apple iPhone 11/ Pro and 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 (All Variants) Tax Payable:

PKR 31520 (On Passport)
PKR 40500 (On ID Card)

iPhone 11 Pro (All Variants) Tax Payable:

PKR 31520 (On Passport)
PKR 40500 (On ID Card)

iPhone 11 Pro Max (All Variants) Tax Payable:

PKR 31520 (On Passport)
PKR 40500 (On ID Card)

Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max tax /customs duty that needs to be paid at the customs office or at the customs kiosk at the Airport if you are importing it to Pakistan.

Disclaimer: Taxes are approximate and may vary from 5-10%, not more.


Do not forget to Register the Second SIM / Digital SIM on Your Latest iPhone or You might face issues in future!

Want to know the import duties on other smartphones / mobile phones?

iPhone 11 new variants exact customs duty is mentioned above to help you know the exact cost that you’d be incurring for importing the smartphone to Pakistan. As you’d have to pay this particular custom duty amount or you won’t be allowed to walk away with your particular mobile device.

FBR has reduced the taxes quite a lot when compared to the initial stages of the DIRBS program being launched.

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  • Can you clarify please why passport is required and what are they checking on passport. Is arrival date or just pp no.

  • I bought I phone 11 in Dubai. I will use UAE sim in digital sim and Warid sim for Local use in Pakistan. How can I register it against my Passport.

  • Does iphone 11 cost this much high amount to be registered as pta approved i.e 40500 this is 2 much

  • AoA I brought from canada How much fee do i have to pay if i want to approve both sim on iphone 12 max pro +13653000092

  • Hum ne Iphone 12pro import karwaya hai FedEx k through, us py total tax kitna ho ga? Kya custome b pay karna parta hai? Fedex ko hum ne sary dues pay kiye hain or PTA se NOC b liya hai…

    • If you are a traveler bringing in a smartphone along to Pakistan, you get a discount within 30 days of arrival. If not, you pay the full tax (CNIC)

  • I checked the tax for iphone 11 and it comes out to be Rs. 31,000 roughly. However, another site gives a detailed breakdown of taxes including custom duty, regulatory duty, IT tax, sales tax etc which totals upto 60k. Can you confirm which is correct based on latest rules?

  • Why is the difference of duties, on passport, on ID. I believe any one coming from abroad and bring a Phone as present for a family member ‘ll charged on passport? Pl guide. Thanks

    • Yes, True!
      Or you can also register it via your friend/family’s passport within 30 days (arrival).
      Hope that helps.

    • If you approve one or both SIMs, the choice is urz but the tax would be the same. Hope that helps

    • via PTA’s DIRBS Portal or by dialing *8484# you’ll get a PSID and the amount to pay, you’ll have to pay that at any local bank in Pakistan.

    • 8 Plus abhi kam hogya hoga, I’ll update that page. but all those phones that cost over 500 usd according to FBR will have the same tax 31520 and 40500 approx.

    • You’ll have to apply via an international traveler when you plan to register it via DIRBS or by dialing *8484#

  • hello dear
    i am come pakistan bring first device
    this one free or paid tax iphone 12pro max

    • Actually not, but for iPhone 11 and above they remain the same. As they cost over 500 USD.

  • I used my iPhone XS in 2018 and 2019 for month to two months each year.
    I didnot get any text from FBR or PTA.

    Question: How do I know if my iPhone will still need duty on arrival next week ?
    Any way I check in advance, so I can buy iPhone 12 rather pay duty for iPhone XS.


  • hello concern person
    pls guide me sir i just come back to pakistan from short trip from usa today and i bring iphone 11 pro max so what would be the tax i exect have to pay . as mention above passport holder have to pay 31520 but pls guide the procedure how i can do so pls

    • Hello,
      Yup, register it by putting the details of the traveler that brought in your phone. You’ll get that discount.

  • Dear All,

    Please guide me about the latest update, i want to send an iPhone 11 to Pakistan what procedure i have to adopt.

    dated 5/11/2020

    • Idk if you have already sent your phone or not.
      In either case, your phone will work in Pakistan for 2 months once you put in any local sim, afterwards, it’ll be blocked. And, you’ll have to pay tax to register it.

  • Please guide me
    Main USA se iPhone 8 Plus order krna chahta hon. Kya ap mujy bta sakty hain k us ki purchasing and shipping k elawa Kya charges lagen gy custom duty or PTA approve krwany k liye. Kya custom alag se pay krna pary ga or pta alag se? Ya ye dono ek hi chez hai?

    • Nae, dono ak hi chiz han. Never pay on airport or at any customs office. Take your phone, tell them that you’ll pay taxes later on. You’ll have 60 days to pay tax. Dial *8484# to follow the process to pay the tax on your iPhone 8 Plus

  • Well done PTI government.. the only bones lft with those living abroad and u are now going to crash them and eat, this is really a shameful act from PTA .according to prime minister IK he love alot those living abroad, this is his love for us. So disappointed wallah , atleast allow one using phone without taxes.

    • I really agreed with you on that. At least those you bring in their personal phones (no commercial intent) or plan to gift it to someone shouldn’t pay at all. Why would they have to pay? They saved their money by getting it abroad.

  • how can iphone 11 pro max and iPhone xsmax can have the same amount of tax? 11 pro max is much more expensive

    • Actually FBR puts them into the same category i.e. over 500 USD, hence the same tax on both.

  • Hi Fahad, I tried to register iphone 11dual sim with passport and it asked me to pay 40 thousand and some rupees to register it, How to register it in 31 thousands? I mean if we just enter someones passport who came within 30 days and it will show 31 thousand tax or there is any trick to get my cell phone register in that price? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,
      you need to apply to register your phone as an international traveler, put in the details of the traveler, if that’s your relative or a close friend.

  • Please tell, are the custom taxes and PTA taxes the same thing? If I have paid custom taxes while importing a device, will it be PTA verified or I will have to pay PTA tax again?

    • Yup, they are the same thing. Tax only once!
      Do not pay it anywhere, follow the instruction by dialing *8484# and then pay tax at a local bank. Do not give any customs officer a single rupee.

  • Hey. I recently came back from Pakistan.
    Can you tell me how I pay tax for iphone 11 pro max?

  • My friend sending me iPhone Pro max 256GB as a Gift from USA.
    I don’t have any idea about the custom and PTA approval charges.
    Do they charge separately?
    Dose FBR has flat duty tax?
    Can anybody help he me in this?
    Thank you

  • Wanted to know what is the total tax for registration of iPad Pro 10.5 inch wifi + cellular 2017, and can it be registered against a passport, thanks.

    • Yup it can be registered via a passport if you have traveled and brought it into Pakistan along with yourself or a relative/friend brought it along.
      Tax on that could vary as I’m not sure if FBR puts it in over 500 USD or under.
      I’d suggest you do not register it, just do not use the SIM after all it is a tablet not a phone. You’ll save a ton.

  • 1: Are overseas Pakistanis allowed to register one phone without paying Tax
    2: If we sell the tax paid phone outside of Pakistan, will that tax amount can be adjusted in newly purchased phone?
    3: If the tax paid device get defective and out of order, any settlement of tax for the new device?
    Thanks a lot.

  • NOTE: Register your phone within 30 days of arrival to get a discount on the total tax.

    Have you catered for the discount in the calculator?
    Can my friend register this phone on his ID/Passport after I go back?

    • I’m good, hope you doing well yourself ali.
      Nae, passport of the person who traveled into Pakistan in the last 30 days.

      • Weather after 30 days he want to live in pakistan permanently? Or he have to go to abroad?

      • Yes, that doesn’t matter. Register your phone within 30 days on your friend or family’s arrival on their passport and then if they stay or go back that wouldn’t matter, your phone will be registered.

      • Sir I have a travel history and also my moble is iphone 11 signal sun then how much tax charge from me

      • Bro if you plan to go back abroad within 60 days, then do not register your phone, it’ll work with any local sim for 2 months.

    • Even used iPhone 11 series phones cost over 500 i think, so FBR would charge the same. unfortunately.

  • Could you confirm the amount of tax to be paid for an iPhone XS MAX please? This is a first handset.

  • I need a little bit information. I have an iphone 11 pro max coming to me this month from UK. The custom duty as mentioned above is 40000 pkr. Is this the PTA tax as well ? Or I would have to pay the PTA tax of 30-40k seperately ? Need guidance. And If this is the same tax means that custom duty is the pta tax, would my friend be able to take the phone home from the airport and then later on i can pay tha pta tax and get it pta approved. Many thanks in advance.

    • Yes its the same tax. You can take it home and pay it from any ufont/ptcl branch or bank later on.

    • You don’t have to pay any tax, this is your actual VAT, now they make a system to block your mobile IMEI number to pay your VAT/TAX. I hope this help.

      • Actaully no, PTA Tax and custom duty are the same. FBR charges the tax and then PTA approves and registers it.

  • hello there,

    Can you please tell me. what is the exact custom tax for iphone 11 pro Max. i am thinking to buy a iphone 11 pro max but i need to know custom tax first.

    Thanks in advance



  • Hi im about to bring a phone as gift n its not listed above. Its a new samsung Galaxy Fold.
    I will appreciate if can confirm a total cost of the phone import.
    Thanks in advance

  • If I am coming to Pakistan from Middle East… and I am carrying one Iphone 11 pro. Do I have to pay for PTA duty?

  • Aoa Fahad. Bhai kindly can you guide i am thinking of getting iphone 11pro from canada and asking my brother to get it for me. What is the exact amount of duty i will need to pay to get it registered.
    Also is the amount based on value of the device like if i get a slightly used phone that will cost me around 150-200 less so would the duty amount be lowered or remain the same?

  • Hi I just wanna to ask if I have my I phon pro for my own use still do I have to pay tax if I coming for holiday for a month

  • Means paying custom will also approved my device from pta both are same thing or i have to approved from pta later also

  • If i buy Non PTA approved Iphone 11 64gb single sim phone from local market then how much fee do I have to pay to get it register

  • What about tax on iphone 11 pro max korean being sale in gulf..its price is about 22k can you please guide me about its tax by PTA..

  • Hi if I bring an iPhone 11 256GB Fromm Dubai. Would will be the exact tax amount I will have to pay?

  • Hey I’m a tax payer so is there any relief on tax for me.
    I want to know the final tax amount on my phone

  • AOA,
    just want to know i am coming to pakistan for two weeks i have two cell phones and both are in my personal use if i use one local sim in one of my cell phone and after two weeks i will bring both phones with me back to uk do i have to pay any taxes on it?


  • @Fahad Khan- please share the fbr/pta source link for assessing the relevant tax bracket. As much as I understand, above $500 purchase would attract a tax of abt PKR 31,500 (source webpage: FBR > customs > DIRBS > FAQs)

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