10 Best Games like Clash Royale to Play in 2020

Gone are days when people used to get bored. With the advent of mobile phones, technology is growing to a level where it has no end. Not everyone likes to use social media platforms when getting bored. Some people like to kill their time by playing video games. Android and iOS are full of games, be it adventure games, cricket games, baby games, or War games, there are plenty of options available on Google PlayStore and Apple store.

However, as many options confuse people, we have a series of guides and roundup on different games (like best open-world games, action games, strategy games, best multiplayer games on Android, RPG games, free games on mac, games for your Android TV and more) that make it easier for our readers to decide which games to go for. Nowadays war games are blowing everyone’s mind. Many people would relate to the game as the name of game is Clash Royale.

People who love video gaming must know the game named Clash Royale. For those who do not know about it, it is a video game published by supercell, launched in the year 2016. From that time this game has got popularity and is winning many hearts. As this game is a mixture of collectible card games, tower defense, and online battle arena this game is widely accepted by people of all ages throughout the world. This game even appeals to all those people who like to play games like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone.

10 Best Games like Clash Royale to Download for Free & Play in 2020

Keeping in view ever-growing interest of people about this game, many companies have launched games which are somewhat same to Clash Royale with different theme and names. The people who have replicated this Clash Royale game have added some new elements even making this game better than the original one. Here are some games like Clash Royale that one should try to kill their time.

1- Cards and Castles:

clash royale genre

The Games Cards and Castle are totally the same as Clash Royale. It means everything you do in Clash Royale is included in this game. Basically, “Cards and Castles” combines a MOBA with a trading card game just like Clash Royale. One will be able to use multi-faction combo decks in the five unique factions of the game. Due to this, the games get more complicated otherwise it is a copy-paste of Clash Royale.

Download Cards and Castle: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

2- X-War: Clash of Zombies:

Clash of Zombies

“X-War the clash of zombies” has all your favorite characters like Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor to fight with Zombies. The zombies are the same as the zombies of Clash Royale.

However, this game has plenty of new options to fight those zombies. This game is a mixture of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. So, if you are looking for more war and great options, get this game.

Download X-War the clash of zombies: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

3- Battle command:

The best thing about this game is that it takes you to the future. 

The instant appeal of Battle Command is that it’s set in the future, which makes for a rather interesting change of pace to other games on this list. It’s your goal to turn a run-down base into a formidable military fort, and then from there, it’s just the little task of taking over the world. Robots and lasers are aplenty here, which is a welcome change from all those swords. We particularly love the War Games mode, as it gives you ample opportunity to test strategies without risking losing all your precious materials and your fighting force.

Download Battle command: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

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4- Star Wars: Force Collection:

All gamers will relate to this game as it adds fun to their lives. This is the best game when it comes to the Star Wars tie. This game lets you collect cards from your favorite Star Wars characters and use these cards for the trading card battle system to conquer galaxies. When you collect items and trade cards you go to the next level of the battle. Sometimes this game will make you fight and the other time, it will throw you on the dark side. In either way, this game will provide you will the best experience.

Download Star Wars: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

5- Card Wars Kingdom:

This is my favorite game as it doesn’t only provide a war-like experience but also adds an adventure to it which makes this game more interesting. Basically, card wars is an actual game that was played in series, but thanks to cartoon network that they have added it on mobile for fans. This is the second iteration of the in-show game, but the original Card Wars isn’t a patch on the sequel, mostly due to the heavy lean on premium items.

This game is a mixture of freemium elements of the gameplay, with a bright and breezy tone full of Adventure Time jokes and quips. This game has some good strategies which make it even better to be played.

Download Card Wars Kingdom: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

6- Deck Heroes: Legacy:

If, you want to play Clash Royale like a game with a story series, then Deck Heroes: Legacy is the one to enjoy. Your goal in the game is to try to create an empire. But wait, it’s not as simple as it sounds. You’ll be continuously targeted by numerous enemies, and you’ll have to employ heroes and powerful creatures to defend your empire.

Deck Heroes: Legacy is even stronger than the original title of ‘Deck Heroes.’ It is one of the most enticing titles in the chart. But you must really play the game for a long time, to free up more cards and possibilities.

Download Deck Heroes: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

7- Tower Conquest:

Tower Conquest’s entire idea is to collect your army and resources to fight the enemies, Like Clash Royale. The game has 5 factions and over 70 unique characters, towers, heroes, and more are there to choose from. The Tower Conquest revolves around a mana pool where units can be compelled to the field of battle. Be the first to take the tower down and become a winner.

The game”s overall idea, and gameplay, is super addictive, is a great alternative to Clash Royale. You can unlock more units, level up, and achieve numerous things so that the game remains fresh and relevant over the long term.

Download Tower Conquest: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

8- Spellbinders:

Spellbinders is an intense real-time strategy game closer to Clash Royale. Spellbinders will encourage you to step straight into the battlefield and kill the core of your enemy instead of gathering cards that make a powerful deck before they can kill you. Dream of it without the cards like Clash Royale.

Choose your favorite Titans to dust off your beloved spellbook and order an army of minions. In the weekly leagues, you will even scale the ranks and test your talents for the grand trophy. If you bore the feeling of collecting cards, this is a very nice substitute for Clash Royale.

Download Spellbinders: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

9- Good Game Empire:

Goodgame Empire can be an outstanding strategy for constructing the best castle, developing the military, and creating an ideal demand for the invasion of your enemies like cash Royale clones. In addition to the various possibilities to better your army and help the community through army resources, alliances, and strategic options, it contains features that practically everyone wants to use in such a particular genre.

Empire is not a typical game of that nature because it features fantastic pictures and graphics that are worth downloading at no cost relative to other similar games. If you reach other teams, the idea is to break forces into separate fractions so that you can strike back and create a convincing defense mode as well. There are a large number of additional devices and troops that you can use to restrain your aggressive moves. You can hit a vast range of castles and computer-controlled outposts, but you can also specifically strike various players.

Good Game Empire Web Play: (Click here)

10- Hearthstone:

Hearthstone is truly a card-based strategy game that can be a true substitution game like Clash Royale, game is based on card collecting and to build a powerful deck. Your goal is to create a roster and then wage a lively fight. The game also encourages you to throw magical spells to create a disorderly environment for your own friends. Hearthstone has heroes such as the king of Lich, the thrall, and the Illidan. During the game, and even if you’re not someone who likes to participate in online games,  you can still enjoy a rich one-player mission. Hearthstone is a good single-player game o mobile as well as good for online multiplayer. Hearthstone is just an outstanding card-based strategy game in general, which will hook you on your smartphone for a long time.

Download Hearthstone: Android (Click here), iOS (Click here)

So, these were the best alternatives to Clash Royale when it comes to feature and theme.  If you have some batter alternate of Clash of Royale, you can add to our list by posting the names in the comments section. Plus let us know whether you like these games or not?

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